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Congrats to our Designer Sticker Contest Winner,
Anel Ibarra!

Anel Graphic Artist
StickerContest Anel Design

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Stack of Halographic Decals

t's lit, fam! The results just dropped!! CesarGraphics just hosted our first-ever Designer Sticker Contest, and y'all had the chance to vote for your absolute fave sticker design by our talented squad! And guess what? The winner and the mastermind behind the sickest sticker of the month is none other than Anel Ibarra!


Let's dive into Anel's vibe.

Introducing Anel Ibarra, the creative mind behind our winning sticker design! Anel's journey into the world of graphic design was ignited by a passion for drawing, music, and a deep appreciation for pop culture, art, books, and video games. This diverse set of influences led Anel to pursue a Graphic Design degree and dedicate themselves to the world of design.


What set Anel's winning sticker design apart was her inspiration drawn from the Rubber Hose vintage animation style, particularly influenced by the Cuphead video game. This unique blend of artistic influences brought a fresh and exciting perspective to CesarGraphics.


Being a part of the CesarGraphics team has been an enriching experience for Anel. She enjoys the collaborative atmosphere, where the team works together to achieve outstanding results. It's a place where knowledge is shared, customers are helped, and the joy of seeing people appreciate your work adds a meaningful touch to the daily grind.


As for the future, Anel's goals as a graphic designer are clear: to continue growing, gaining knowledge, and accumulating experience to work as a senior designer. She aspires to collaborate with her favorite brands and artists, taking their creative journey to new heights.


To all aspiring graphic designers, Anel offers valuable advice: Focus on enjoying the creative process and embrace the unique outcomes that each project brings. Perfection may be elusive, but the joy of creating is everlasting.


Congratulations to Anel Ibarra for their outstanding work and contributions to CesarGraphics!

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