Standard Posters are perfect displays for small windows and doors for indoors or outdoor use. Display and advertise new items, special offers, discounts, events, or new policy rules.


Product Information:

Standard Dimension: 13"W x 19"H

Material: 100# Text or 100# Cover (cardstock)

Finish: Matte or Gloss

Print Time: 3-4 business days, after final design approval.


Design Help:

Do you need help with the design? Our team of designers can help you.

Single Sided Design Fee: $85

Includes up to 3 revisions.


Bring Your Design:

If your design is ready to print you may upload it to our system by clicking here or email to along with your order number and name. If you only need a template download it from here.


Design Specs:

Final Product Dimension: 13"W x 19"H

Non-Bleed: All posters will have a white border all around the design

Large Poster (13"X19")

  • Refund & Disclaimer Policy

    All online sales are final. Only 50% of your total can be refunded. No exceptions. We are not responsible for mistakes, errors, misspellings, or any other error that may incur after approval. Bring Your Own Designs are printed as is. Making any corrections or alterations to any design may incur additional fees.

  • Color Print Disclaimer

    All of our printers are under CMYK settings. We're not responsible for color change on any prints.  Color quality may vary

  • Bring Your Own Design Disclaimer

    If you "bring your own design" you're responsible for spelling errors, colors, and cutting errors. We print designs as delivered. One digital proof is only available upon request. If additional editing/proofing assistance is required additional fees are subject to appear without notice. Paper proofs or samples are subject to additional fees.