Product Info:

This a-frame has a narrow foorprint and easy to move. It is great for narrow and/or small spaces. 

With the quick-change feature signs easily slide in and out. No tape, velcro, glue or screws needed. Can be internally weight with sand to avoid theft.


Product Size:

Holds two 18"W x 24"H corosigns

Frame Size: 31.5”H X 20”W x 3”D

Weight: 8lbs.


Need Design Help? (design fee):

$35 same design on both sides | up to 3 revisions


Design Time:

2 - 3 business days


Production Time:

5 - 7 business days, after final approval

18" x 24"

  • Artwork/Design Requirements

    Artwork Size: 18"W x 24"W


    Full Bleed: Add 1/4" of bleed (0.25) to your artwork/design all around.

    If bleed is missing print will come out with white border outline.

    • This minimizes the risk of cutting off important information.

    • If you need assistance please don't hesitate to call or explain in notes.


    Crop Marks: No crop marks necessary.


    File Type: .PDF | .AI | .EPS | .SVG | .PSD

    (all fonts must be created to outlines)


    Image File Type: .JPEG | .PNG

    (files must be high resolution, see below)


    Resolution: 300 DPI on all files